MF DC Rectifier Units │Series MF4

For requests please indicate type and amount

MF DC units for multi purpose usage in welding guns and stationäry equipment.

For details, please consult the data sheets or contact us.

On request other primary voltage are possible.

Technical data

The ISO standard - series MF4 is a powerful series for multiple applications

The units are available in a wide range of secondary voltages.

  • Operating frequencies between 1000-1200 Hz
  • Nominal powers between 87,8 and 204,9 kVA (at 50% d.f.)
  • Secondary voltages of  6,4 V, 9,3V, 12,5V and 16 V (other voltage on request)
  • Secondary constant current of up to 7,2 kA
  • single tap design
  • M2 rectifier circuit

The transformer rectifier unit can be equipped with different options for monitoring, control and primary connections.

Baureihe MF4zoom
Baureihe MF4
MF4-6,4-7,2-XYZ-Mxy-1C 87,8 138,8 6,4 7,2 22,4 125 x 160 x 327
MF4-9,3-7,2-XYZ-Mxy-1C 122,9 194,3 9,3 7,2 24,5 125 x 160 x 341
MF4-12,5-7,2-XYZ-Mxy-1C 161,7 255,7 12,5 7,2 27,0 125 x 160 x 361
MF4-16,0-7,2-XYZ-Mxy-1C 204,9 323,9 16,0 7,2 29,2 125 x 160 x 376
Belastungsdiagramm MF4zoom
Belastungsdiagramm MF4
Ausgangskennlinie MF4zoom
Ausgangskennlinie MF4

Following standard options are available. Special arrangements are possible on request.

Monitoring / Control

  • Integrated temperature switch (T)
  • Current sensing coil (M)
  • Connection for ext. voltage sensing leads (Ue) for adaptive control
  • Internal voltage connection for adaptive control (U) for adaptive control
  • Integrated residual current resistor (R)
  • Integrated secondary control (S)


Primary connection via clamping point with cable lugs, thread M6 or M8.

Connection of monitoring and control via loose wires.



Primary connection via plug system MultiContact TSB150 (contact pins M8 - max. 150A) or TSB 250 (contact pins M8 - max. 250A)

Connection of monitoring and control on request

MultiContact TSB150zoom


Primary connection via plug system MultiContact Robifix, (contact pins M8 - max. 150A)

Connection of monitoring and control on request

MultiContact Robifixzoom